When we founded Albion, we partnered with CEOs who shared our belief that technology would be transformational.

Our predictions paid off.
Today the companies they lead have changed:

Our daily lives
Grapeshot [ORACLE]


Early stage investment experience

c. £500M

Evergreen venture capital


Portfolio companies





B2B software


Deeptech sciences

Albion VC Team

Albion VC Team

Our promise
to you


We don’t make investments.
We make commitments.

We look to build a strong relationship with you & your team that goes beyond reporting and numbers.

Costas Pantelides - Managing Director of a former AlbionVC portfolio company after its acquisition by Siemens:
We are grateful to Albion, and to Robert Whitby Smith in particular, for providing us with the necessary funding at a crucial point in our evolution, and for their strong support and solid advice over the years.

Simone Maini, CEO Elliptic
Simone Maini, CEO Elliptic

We are not operators.
We are true investment partners

At AlbionVC we empower you to create the business you want to lead. We won’t take over the daily operations of your business! Rather over the past 20 years, collectively we’ve sat on 100s of boards so we know what great companies look like and will support the steps needed to achieve them.

Limitless CEO
Roger Beadle, Limitless CEO

Some make introductions.
We revolutionise your network

Our extensive experience and deep-rooted network of connections means you get access to the leading experts in the fields required to grow a scalable company.

Albion have been a great support to us as we grow our business providing strategic support as well as tactical assistance when we need it. They have access to a strong network of talent across a range of disciplines that we have tapped in to help us with our prioritisation and decision making.

Roger Beadle - CEO Limitless

Speechmatics Team
Speechmatics Team

We are not fund focused.
We are in this for the long-term

At AlbionVC we are patient investors with evergreen funds which means we are not rigid on growth trajectory and will support you through the good and the tough times.

Working with Albion has been a real pleasure right from the outset, they were open and pragmatic all the way through the investment process and have continued to offer fantastic support now that we are a part of the portfolio.

John Milliken - CEO Speechmatics

Oviva Team

Some go wide.
We focus on what we know.

We strive to make c.10 investments a year, so we strategically focus our expertise on: Series A for enterprise software and healthcare, and early stage university research spin out projects from UCL.