by Robert Whitby-Smith

We are thrilled to share the first video from the CEO Series: in conversation with Costas Pantelides, CEO PSE (Process Systems Enterprise Limited). 

About the series:

To inspire, to share the knowledge, the struggles and the amazing success stories our portfolio companies have had over the years, AlbionVC is hosting informal discussion with past and present portfolio company CEOs. We hope the series inspires those considering embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and aids those already on it. 

About the episode:

Robert Whitby-Smith, Partner AlbionVC chats to Costas Pantelides, CEO PSE about the amazing journey of growing PSE from an idea to a global success story to its strategic acquisition by Siemens AG. 

PSE is the category leader in advanced process modelling, which uses powerful mathematical models to enable almost any process to be run better, faster, cheaper and safer – in real time. PSE’s client base included over 60 of the largest companies in the world. AlbionVC first invested in PSE in 2007 and it has been a ride of a life time for everyone involved.