voice of fintech

by Ed Lascelles and Jessica Bartos

AlbionVC team, Ed Lascelles and Jessica Bartos talk to Rudi Falat from the Voice of FinTech, podcast connecting fintech enthusiasts with start-ups, incubators, accelerators, investors and incumbents. Listen to the episode here

You will find out more about:

  • What brought Jessica and Ed to VC investing? 
  • What is AlbionVC? Who founded AlbionVC? When? 
  • What’s AlbionVC's investment focus/philosophy? Geographic focus?
  • How much money they have raised since inception and for how many start-ups? 
  • What kind of start-ups do they invest in? Series A, post-product-market fit, writing checks of GBP 0.25 to 10 million
  • What kind of FinTechs has AlbionVC invested in? E.g Quantexa or Imandra
  • How do you find them? How do scouting and due diligence work? What are your selection criteria?
  • What’s your investment approach? E.g. min size of the stake, board seat, time to exit, economics?
  • Investment success stories of the start-ups - Booking.com or active.com
  • Assessment of the start-up scene in the UK and Europe vs. the rest of the world
  • Wrap up: where and how can inspiring entrepreneurs learn more about AlbionVC