Jessica B

AlbionVC investor Jessica Bartos advises female founders

AlbionVC is thrilled to have partnered with Playfair Capital and Tech Nation for the Female Founder Office Hours initiative, taking place on the 4th June.

Prior to the event AlbionVC investor Jessica Bartos shares her tips on how to prepare for the office hours, what to expect on the day, advice she is sharing with her portfolio in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jessica Bartos, Investor AlbionVC: 

Covid-19 presents massive opportunity for start-ups as old barriers to tech adoption (security, information governance, institutional inertia, etc) get thrown out the window, especially in B2B. This meme keeps it 100:


The world will not go back to the way it was pre-Covid; adapt your business plan for our new reality. The joy of being a start-up is that you’re nimbler than the competition, so take advantage!

If you’re a scale-up, assume the worst macroeconomically. In a global recession, what’s changed for your customers? How does your sales pitch need to change?

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