AlbionVC investor Nadine Torbey joins Microsoft UK AI for Good 2020

AlbionVC investor Nadine Torbey joins Microsoft UK AI for Good 2020 as a judge

On the 28th May Nadine Torbey from AlbionVC will be joined by other investment professional for a friendly Dragon’s Den session for this year’s cohort of Microsoft UK AI for Good 2020.

About the programme:

The AI for Good 2020 accelerator programme helps purpose-driven ventures in the UK advance their AI solutions to create positive social transformation. For the second year running, Microsoft for Startups UK and the Social Tech Trust have selected 12 organisations with a commitment to a social mission to join a 4-month programme.

The aim of the programme is to give purpose-driven companies the commercial, technical and social impact support needed to scale. Over the course of 4-month, participants are provided with access to a variety of events, workshops and mentoring. The programme culminates in a demo day, also known as a friendly Dragon’s Den pitching session, where cohort participants meet with leading deeptech investors.

About the friendly Dragon’s Den day:

  • Cohort companies pitch (3 to 5 min – each company)
  • Investors ask questions (5 min)
  • Investors provide feedback, advice and tips for moving forward (5 min)

Nadine Torbey, from AlbionVC said:

As an investor, participating in the program is a unique opportunity to provide feedback and help start-ups position themselves in the best possible way ahead of fundraising. It is truly amazing to see how AI is now touching all industries and allowing companies and people with very different backgrounds to solve the world’s biggest challenges. 

Meet the companies taking part this year here