AlbionVC partner Robert Whitby-Smith reflects on long-term investment strategy. 

AlbionVC partner Robert Whitby-Smith caught up with Corporate Financier magazine to discusses AlbionVCs investment and subsequent exit from a university spin-out PSE.

PSE provides advanced process modelling technology to the process industries. Its platforms have multiple uses allowing real-time process modelling, improved product and process design, enhanced operations, and more effective and efficient R&D. The company’s technology originated at the Imperial College London, and by the time PSE were introduced to AlbionVC in 2007 the bootstrapping founder academics had a clear vision, a highly differentiated product and the client roster of 60 Fortune 500 companies.

The subsequent PSE growth and close working relationship with its top management team resulted in a successful exit to Siemens yielding significant shareholder value after a 12 year period, proving that patience really pays dividends.

Today AlbionVC’s commitment to supporting university spin-out companies is reinforced further by Albion’s management of the UCL Technology Fund.

Robert Whitby-Smith said:

“The 10x revenue growth over 12 years was very steady, planned and carefully executed-an engineered approach to scaling”

Read the full story in Corporate Financier magazine (pages 12-14) here.