Nadine Torbey

Are you looking for advice from an experienced #deeptech investor?

AlbionVC’s Nadine Torbey discusses her areas of tech investment and gives her tips for startup teams. She has seven years of investing experience from seed to Series A in startups across artificial intelligence, digital platforms, marketplaces and hardware.

Torbey joined the AlbionVC team in 2018 from Berytech Fund. She has a degree in electrical and computer engineering from The American University of Beirut and a master’s in innovation management and entrepreneurship from Brown University, where she specialised in the commercialisation of disruptive technologies.

‘Surround yourself with high-quality people, get a lot of feedback and don’t be afraid of change’

Describe your role and what you do.

I am an investor at AlbionVC. My role consists of finding exciting new opportunities to invest in as well as supporting them post-investment. I am particularly excited about AI and deep tech.

In your opinion, which areas of science and technology hold the greatest scope for opportunities? 

At AlbionVC we invest in B2B software, more particularly AI and machine learning, digital risk, fintech and digital health, from late seed to Series B. We also invest in early-stage deep tech through the UCL Technology Fund.

There are a couple of areas worth mentioning, some of which we have already placed bets on and some of which we are still on the hunt for. This includes next-gen AI enablers, natural language processing, computer vision, cybersecurity, healthcare, new work, future of computing, quantum simulation, cryptocurrencies, and software development kits for the future of reality – AR, VR and holograms.

Are good entrepreneurs born or can they be made? 

Certain innate qualities or attributes can make someone a good entrepreneur and good innovator – and that can be enough for the early days of a company.

However, successfully leading a high-growth, category-defining business is absolutely not innate. Although there are certain attributes that can give people a head start, it is a skill that is acquired and needs a lot of work and time, with external help and advice.

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