DYSIS announces reimbursement rates that look to increase patient access

DYSIS Medical (DYSIS), an AlbionVC portfolio company is committed to early detection and diagnosis of cervical disease using biophotonic innovations.

The company offers a computer-aided cervical imaging that adds to a standard colposcopic assessment, with clinical studies showing that it helps clinicians increase detection of high-grade cervical lesions. 

DYSIS announced today that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued reimbursement rates of $54.45 per patient. 

Medicare reimbursing physicians for computer-aided mapping of the cervix enables the company to increase patient access to DYSIS's cervical mapping technology, therefore increasing the likelihood of a more accurate patient diagnosis. 

Dr. Harris an Ob-Gyn and Residency Program Director at Women’s Group of North Florida said: 

“I have performed DYSIS colposcopy with the adjunctive DYSISmap on my patients for the past five years, and it has been a tremendous benefit. The added reimbursement for Medicare patients shows the value of this added service, and we look forward to future private payors also reimbursing.”

Darin Hammers, CEO of DYSIS Medical said:

"The CMS decision to provide reimbursement for computer-aided mapping of the cervix is another important milestone for DYSIS as well as a step forward in the early detection of cervical pre-cancers."

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