How AI models are responding to the pandemic

Discover how AI models are adjusting and thriving in light of COVID-19.

AlbionVC portfolio company Phrasee, which provides AI-powered copywriting, helping brands adjust their messaging and adopt the right tone of voice during the pandemic, has responded by banning specific phrases such as “going viral” and excluded terms which may cause anxiety and panic.

Parry Malm, Phrasee CEO said:

“People don’t want marketing to make them feel anxious and fearful—you know, like, this deal is about to run out, pressure pressure pressure.”

A UCL Technology Fund portfolio company, Nozzle specialising in algorithm advertising for marketplace sellers has captured rapid changes in the shopping behaviour during the pandemic: 

nozzle graph

“It’s an incredible transition in the space of five days,” says Rael Cline, Nozzle’s CEO. The ripple effects have been seen across retail supply chains.                  .

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