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Locum's Nest opens up platform to NHS for accessing clinicians

Locum’s Nest, a platform  that directly connects clinicians to temporary work, has announced that it will offer free use of its shift-matching software to support efforts to recruit NHS clinicians as part of the NHS’ Covid-19 response. 

The technology allows healthcare organisations to immediately reach out to 25,000 clinicians to help fill short term vacancies, currently being listed by the thousands each day, as staffing issues grow across the NHS. 

The move has been announced to help the healthcare system cope with the anticipated staffing shortages and financial pressures caused by the outbreak. 

Highly qualified, skilled, local and available clinicians  who may otherwise have to manually submit forms and qualifications, which can be time-consuming, will now be able to access all shifts listed on the app and get to work within hours.  

Stephen Kelly, former Chief Operating Officer of HM Government and now a Board Director for Locum’s Nest said, “The NHS is run by amazing, committed, kind, selfless people at every level, but extraordinary events like this put our incredible health professionals under enormous pressure. Locum’s Nest can help to make sure vacant shifts are filled quickly, easily and efficiently with our leading platform - we are humbled to help our NHS manage this very human and economic crisis. 

“This gives every Trust access to a much bigger pool of clinicians, who have the appropriate qualifications and can be deployed in overstretched A&E departments, and other departments immediately.”

For more information visit www.locumsnest.co.uk