quantexa ceo

Quantexa, AlbionVC portfolio company named among the 15 leading European AI start-ups

Quantexa, AlbionVC portfolio company has been named among the 15 leading European AI start-ups by the Business Insider.

In the face of a global economic slowdown, artificial intelligence remains one of the fastest-growing investment areas.

According to Grand View Research, the global AI market is set to be worth around $733 billion by 2027, impacting everything from healthcare to customer service. A PwC report estimated that AI could contribute a whopping $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

Quantexa uses artificial intelligence and big data to help banks and other major institutions to detect fraud. To date the company has raised $23.3 million.  

"Quantexa shows how powerful AI can be if you can get access to the right data," Ed Lascelles, AlbionVC partner said. "The team is extraordinary and they are building one of the most exciting businesses in Europe."

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