jane raddin

Welcome our new Talent Director, Jane Reddin

People stand at the core of any organisation. As startups scale, nurturing company culture and cultivating the conditions for building high performing teams is critical to long-term success. 

At AlbionVC we strive to empower our founders as they take on the daunting challenge of building a world class team that can handle the extreme challenges of hyper growth while preserving the company culture. This is why we are so excited today to welcome Jane Reddin as our first Talent Director. 

A veteran of the startup and venture capital industry, Jane has spent 25 years building high performing teams in disruptive companies. During her time at Balderton Capital and EQT Ventures she has helped over 100 high-growth tech startups design and implement strategic talent initiatives. 

As our in-house Talent Director, Jane has an essential role in assessing and shaping future leadership teams. Acting as a hiring coach to the founders and senior leadership teams across our portfolio, Jane brings rare experience to the critical roles of talent acquisition and development during the intense, scale up phase of growth.

Jane’s deep passion and expertise enables us to answer core talent questions:

  • How can we empower the founder to journey successfully from startup originator to scaled up CEO?
  • How can each founder be uniquely supported, in order to help the company and the team achieve its full potential?
  • What is the right team to deliver on the growth plan for this company?

In our time getting to know Jane, we discovered that she takes her coffee black - direct and highly effective - which reflects her professional approach - straight to the point, honest and powerful. She calls this using practical candour to help founder teams adopt the talent tools, behaviours and data to accelerate talent growth as they scale.

Jane is passionate about making tech and venture more diverse; as a mother of a teenage daughter and an industry heavy weight she looks to use her expertise to help the next generation of founders become outstanding team leaders.