Zift Solutions launches the ZiftONE platform

ZiftONE is the first and only all-in-one platform that connects and simplifies channel sales, marketing, and operations for indirect sales organisations. 

ZiftONE eliminates the data silos, disorganisation, and disengagement caused by piecing together multiple point solutions to cover the myriad requirements of channel sales, marketing, and operations. With ZiftONE, channel organisations can now:

  • Recruit, onboard and activate partners
  • Automate and execute channel sales
  • Enable multi-tactic to-, through- and for-partner marketing; and
  • Generate predictable pipeline

You can read more about the benefits of ZiftONE on the Zift Solutions website.

Based in the US, UK and Australia, Zift Solutions is a global category leader in enterprise channel management technologies. Albion has invested £3.5m in Zift Solutions, alongisde Oxx, Arrowroot Capital and SSM Partners.