Anthropics Technology Ltd is a software research and development company with a world-class record of innovation in graphics and animation software.

Aridhia Informatics

Aridhia has built a sector-leading, differentiated informatics platform with cutting-edge analytical tools to support health care and research. It has established an international client base and a network of major strategic partners. 


Using the latest machine learning techniques and human intelligence to detect astroturfing campaigns at 'Tweet Zero'.

Black Swan Data

Black Swan has developed a predictive analytics platform which uses internal and external data to provide consumer insight to the world's leading brands


Cisiv is a leading provider of software for non-interventional studies for the pharmaceutical industry. 


Concirrus has developed a behavioural-based underwriting platform called Quest which delivers portfolio management and predictive analytics, changing the future of risk selection, pricing and claims throughout the value chain.


Convertr is a customer acquisition platform which tracks advertising leads all the way to sale. It improves lead quality, accelerates sales and measures exact ROI all in realtime.


Egress is the leading cloud encryption platform ensuring data security for email, file transfer and collaboration environments


Hazy automates the process of anonymizing data for companies that hold vast swathes of customer information.


Healios is an online platform delivering family centric psychological care primarily to children and adolescents. The Company provides assessment, treatment and early intervention for a variety of mental health conditions.


Humanloop’s technology enables AI systems to query human experts on only the most valuable data and learn much faster.


Imandra is a cloud-native automated reasoning engine. Imandra's groundbreaking AI helps ensure the algorithms are safe, explainable and fair.

InCrowd Sports

InCrowd Sports has developed the leading mobile fan engagement platform for fans of live sports. 


Limitless is a customer service platform powered by the crowd and machine learning technology. The platform allows brands to crowdsource customer care to their most loyal customers allowing them to act as brand ambassadors in exchange for a fee on each ticket solved.

Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical, a spin out from Siemens, has developed software that allows images from multiple sources to be combined to provide greater clinical certainty in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

My Meds & Me

My Meds & Me provides a web-based solution for the capture of adverse events, product complaints and targeted medical information for pharmaceutical companies.


Nozzle have developed an AI powered platform that unifies large datasets and automatically optimises sales performance for marketplace sellers.


OmPrompt helps companies digitise and control the flow of order management information to and from their customers, third party providers and suppliers.


Oxsensis is an industrial technology company pioneering optical instrumentation for precision controls in super harsh environments


Panaseer is the first Continuous Controls Monitoring software platform to give CISOs visibility of all assets, and the confidence that security controls are working effectively. It provides a trusted, unified view across business lines, regions and technology platforms. 


Pando, formerly known as Forward Health, is a secure mobile messaging and workflow tool for doctors and care workers. They have established themselves as the leading secure mobile communication platform in the NHS.


Leading academics at UCL and University of Bristol with expertise in the fields of computer science, experimental and theoretical physics, and maths have joined forces to create PhaseCraft.


Phrasee is a marketing technology platform that uses AI, namely Natural Language Generation and Machine Learning to generate optimised marketing campaigns. Phrasee's AI writes email subject lines, Facebook ads and push notifications that perform better than human-written versions.


Seldon is an Open Source DevOps company providing enterprises with the tools to manage, serve and optimise their Machine Learning models at scale. 


Data lineage and metadata management solution helps businesses rapidly map and visualise their data landscape. 


Speechmatics provides Automatic Speech Recognition available in private or public clouds and securely on-premises.


TransFICC is the specialist provider of low-latency connectivity and workflow services for Fixed Income and Derivatives Markets.


uMed's software solution automates the processes in running clinical research registries while ensuring regulatory compliance. 


WeGift is a digital incentives platform whose clients range from global corporates to SMEs.  

Zift Solutions

Zift Solutions offers technology that automates channel marketing, sales and operations processes. It provides the service and strategic insight to simplify channel management and maximise profitability.